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Working with iTunes, TunePat Audio Converter can outstandingly convert iTunes songs to MP3, including converting M4P to MP3 and M4A to MP3. Besides converting AAC to MP3, WMA and WAV, TunePat is also able to convert any given audio format, such as M4B, MP3, rax, MP4, WAV, RA, SND, OGG and AIF, to MP3, WMA and WAV.

Utilizing virtual burning technology, TunePat Audio Converter is able to convert iTunes AAC music to MP3 at magic fast speed and preserve high audio fidelity at the meantime. The capacities of TunePat AAC to MP3 Converter is not limited to converting AAC to MP3, M4P to MP3, and M4A to MP3, this all-in-one audio converter can also convert iTunes AAC (M4P, M4A) to WAV and unprotected WMA formats. convert itunes to mp3

Convert M4P to plain MP3, AA, M4B to MP3
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How to Convert iTunes Songs to MP3 with TunePat iTunes to MP3 Converter? convert itunes to mp3

To convert iTunes songs to MP3, WMA or WAV format with TunePat, you should have TunePat iTunes Audio Converter work with iTunes simultaneously.

1. Download and install iTunes and TunePat Audio Converter

2. In TunePat: Set MP3 as output format, specify the output folder.

3. In iTunes: Create a playlist, or playlists, to contain the AAC (M4P, M4A) songs you want to convert to MP3.

4. In iTunes: Go to "Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Burning", click the drop-down box of "CD Burner ", and choose TunePat Virtual_CD-RW as default burning device.

5. In iTunes: Click the Burn button to start burning. TunePat will convert the whole playlist to MP3 files.

6. In TunePat: When the conversion is completed, go to TunePat Audio Converter to listen the MP3 songs, edit ID3 tags, and transfer the converted MP3 songs to your iPod, Zune, PSP, cell phones and any other PMP and MP3 player. convert itunes to mp3

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