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Can't play iTunes M4P music in Zune or other devices? It's not big deal. Go with TunePat M4p Converter. This M4P Converter can help you convert the DRM protected M4P to MP3 or DRM-free WMA file format. M4P is the DRM protected music in the Apple iTunes Store. With TunePat M4P Converter, you can easily convert M4P to DRM-free WMA and MP3 format. Converting M4P to WMA and M4P to MP3 is one of the many features of TunePat Audio Converter.

Convert M4P to plain MP3, AA, M4B to MP3
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Converting M4P to DRM-free WMA

Like AAC and Ogg Vorbis, WMA was intended to address perceived deficiencies in the MP3 standard. Given their common design goals, it's not surprising that the three formats ended up making similar design choices. All three are pure transform codecs. Furthermore the MDCT implementation used in WMA is essentially a superset of those used in Ogg and AAC such that WMA iMDCT and windowing routines can be used to decode AAC and Ogg Vorbis almost unmodified.

TunePat M4P to WMA Converter is well known for its magic fast converting speed and its capability of converting DRM protected audio files to MP3, WMA and WAV, especially convert M4P to WMA, and convert M4P to MP3.

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M4P is the Protected AAC File. AAC is the audio layer from the follow-on format to MP3. The .M4P extension is AAC purchased from Apple's Music Store (iTune) and is protected by a Digital Rights Management scheme. Although DRM is prevalent for Internet music, some Online music stores such as eMusic, Audio Lunchbox, Dogmazic, Amazon and Anthology recordings do not use DRM. Major labels have begun releasing more online music without DRM.

Convert M4P to WMA with unique Virtual CD burning technology

Looking for a legal way for convert M4P to WMA so that you can enjoy your music on iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, PSP, Zune, MP3 player, cell phone, or PC? TunePat M4P to MP3 Converter is the right one for you! Just a few mouse clicks, TunePat M4P to WMA Converter can convert drm wma to mp3 and enjoy all your protected songs without any restrictions or DRM protection.

Utilizing virtual burning technology, TunePat M4P Converter converts the DRM protected music into MP3, WMA and WAV by directly "burn" the CD files onto computer, saving the steps of physical CD burning and ripping. With magically fast converting speed, TunePat has earned the fame and word of mouth.

Download Free Trial of TunePat M4P Converter Version 1.22 Order TunePat M4P Converter Online

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