Use TunePat to convert any music files on Real Player

TunePat is a powerful music converting tool designed for virtually burning any music or audio files to a special virtual CD-RW drive where you can easily get MP3, WMA or WAV files ready for use on any computers or music devices. TunePat works perfectly for Real Player.

Note: Here is another powerful audio converter called Sidify Music Converter for Spotify. It can remove DRM at 5X faster speed and convert Spotify music to plain MP3 or AAC format with lossless quality.

1. In RealPlayer, Create a playlist and add your purchased music or any other music files saved on your computer to the playlist. Please click the Music&My Library tab, the window is illustrated as below:

Create a playlist on RealPlayer

2. Click Add Clips to add music files to your playlist

add music files to your playlist

3. Right-click on the selected music and choose Copy To and then choose CD Burner. After this, you will find all your selected music files have been copied to the list of burning window.

Add purchased music to playlist on itunes.

4. Please choose CD Burner in the selection of Current Burner/Device. Click Burn Your CD to start burning music to Virtual CD-R. After this, you will find the icon of TunePat in the task bar begins rotating continuously.

Burn playlist to TunePat virtual CD-R.

5. open TunePat Manager Window and you can find all converted music files with MP3, WAV or WMA formats.