Overview of TunePat M4P to MP3 Converter: convert DRM music to plain MP3

If you have downloaded DRM-protected music, you have probably discovered how annoyingly restrictive DRM technology is. Not only do you have the problem of working out what portable media players it will work on, but your freedom to use your downloads how you please is also crippled.

TunePat M4P Converter is an audio tool that removes DRM copy protection from audio files. This DRM removal tool actually installs a virtual CD-RW writer on your system that you can then use to remove DRM copy protection.

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Note: Here is another powerful audio converter called Sidify Music Converter for Spotify. It can remove DRM at 5X faster speed and convert Spotify music to plain MP3 or AAC format with lossless quality.

TunePat M4P Converter: Legally free DRM music

DRM copy protection is great as an anti-piracy technology, but it often punishes consumers that have legally purchased media. TunePat M4P Converter is the best software that removes DRM legally (doesn't hack DRM encryption) and produces DRM-free media files that you can enjoy on practically any capable device.

With TunePat M4P Converter, you can easily convert protected audio and music files to plain MP3 formats, or WAV, WMA format playable on Creative ZEN, iriver clix gen 2, iriver MP3 player, ARCHOS, PSP, Nokia, RIM BlackBerry, Sansa e200 Series, Sansa MP3 Palyer, etc. Fully automatic, TunePat M4P Converter frees you from the hassles of copy protection without defeating the DRM copy-protection technology used by your audio files. This means it will function with all copy-protection measures, and it's completely legal.

Download Free Trial of TunePat M4P Converter Version 1.22 Order TunePat M4P Converter Online

How TunePat M4P Converter removes DRM control from Purchased music?

Purchased songs from digital music services like Napster or the iTunes Store often come with DRM restrictions that stop you from using other portable devices. TunePat M4P Converter installs a software driver that emulates a CD-RW drive which works with your media player software to remove DRM protection.

TunePat M4P Converter works in conjunction with your favorite media playing software to burn DRM-free audio files onto a virtual CD; the only proviso in using this method is that your media player software has to have the facility to burn files to CD. Once the virtual burning process is complete you can then transfer the DRM-free files to any media/MP3 player.

TunePat M4P Converter runs on Windows XP, Vista and supports almost all the media player software that let you burning audio CD. Supported media player software includes iTunes, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, RealOne, WinAMP, Napster, etc.

Download Free Trial of TunePat M4P Converter Version 1.22 Order TunePat M4P Converter Online

M4P and .m4p audio file format:

M4P format is "protected AAC". It is a format of purchased music that can be listened to only through the iTunes softer or an iPod.


.m4p as a file extension is almost identical to .m4a and .m4b extensions, thus being a MPEG-4 file container for encoded audio. The encoding (compression method) of the audio can be virtually anything, but the AAC-based encoding is currently the most common one. The one big difference between .m4a and .m4p is the fact that .m4p is copy-protected with DRM mechanisms, so it can't be played by unauthorized users at all. Virtually all of the .m4p files nowadays are audio tracks bought from Apple's iTunes music store.