What is New for TunePat M4P Converter?

TunePat M4P Converter Version 1.12 was released on July 01, 2009

-- Fixes bug concerning the default output folder cannot be accessed for the Vista system.

TunePat M4P Converter Version 1.11 was released on May 18, 2009

-- Increases the audio conversion speed and fixes some minor bugs.

TunePat M4P Converter Version 1.10 was released on August 28, 2008

-- Refines the MP3 encoding engine and fixes some minor bugs.

TunePat M4P Converter Version 1.02 was released on August 06, 2008

TunePat M4P to MP3 Converter uses the Virtual CD burning technology which emulates the whole workflow of burning music to normal CD-R/RW disc: CD ripping, CD burning, MP3 encoding are automatic and with the fastest speed. Its ability to convert DRM protected music files into regular MP3 files makes it a perfect solution for people who purchase their music online but have compatibility issues with their MP3 player.

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How TunePat ByPass DRM control with a smarter method?

Apple's DRM technology is breakable. Various programs been written to remove the FairPlay wrapper and allow the AAC files to be used without technological restriction. More simply, a user can convert protected files to unprotected MP3 format by burning them to an audio CD, then ripping them back to iTunes. (Some audio quality is lost in this transcoding from one lossy format to another.)

Any even smarter method is to use the Virtual burning technology which burn the protected M4P files to a virtual CD-RW drive where the program can rip and encode the music to plain MP3 format. In this way, TunePat can automatically convert purchased songs into unprotected MP3s. With TunePat, any DRM protected music can be easily transferred to devices other than the iPods to which they are currently restricted.