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V 1.1.0

March 26, 2020

What's New?

1. Add MKV format support.

2. Add the option to save both AD and original audio tracks.

3. Support downloading video from

4. Fix the problem that the audio is out of sync with the downloaded video.

5. Fix Failed -19, -24, -28.

6. Fix some minor bugs.

V 1.0.3

January 29, 2020

What's New?

1. Fix the issue of no sound in the output videos.

2. Fix some minor bugs.

V 1.0.2

December 24, 2020

What's New?

1. Support searching for videos by videos' name.

2. Fix the issue of missing certain episodes.

3. Support 22 languages.

V 1.0.1

December 14, 2020

What's New?

1. Add support for more countries, including the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany.

V 1.0.0

December 01, 2020

What's New?

1. Download videos from Amazon Prime Video.

2. Support downloading videos in HD quality.

3. Keep audio tracks and subtitles in all languages.

4. Support graphics hardware acceleration.

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