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TunePat Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Welcome to the TunePat Affiliate Program! We have set up this program to maximize your potential profits. If you become a TunePat affiliate and follow our rules, you can work with professional software manufacturers and generate more revenue at no cost to you. Here are some of the details.

Why Choose TunePat Affiliate Program?

professional software companyProfessional Software Company
TunePat is a professional manufacturer of audio and video converters. Over the years, TunePat's programs have been polished with a simple interface, clear buttons, and a loyal user base. Our product range is comprehensive and ahead of the competition in terms of output quality, conversion speed, and much more. Thanks to the high quality of our software, TunePat's tools are loved by professionals and general users.

earn moneyMore Money Can Be Made
This is a great way to make money. By joining TunePat's affiliate program, you will earn money every month, depending on the actual situation. (Up to 50% commission rate) As your business expands, this can potentially grow into a significant income for you.

How to Become a TunePat Affiliate?

To ensure your rights and ours, please click to know the detailed TunePat Affiliate Policy before becoming an affiliate. For additional questions, please contact us by email: [email protected]. Here are the three steps to becoming a TunePat affiliate:


Register your affiliate account

Click on this link to jump to the Impact website to register for one account.


Get and share your affiliate link

Once you have obtained your affiliate link from the Impact website you can post your TunePat affiliate link on your website, social media, YouTube channel, etc.


Start earning your commissions!

By bringing sales to TunePat, you can start earning commissions now.

Who Can Join Our Affiliate Program?

You can post links to our website on a variety of platforms, for example, you can post on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Q&A forums, YouTube, and other channels. You can post recommendations about TunePat products or advice on how to use them. So who can be involved in this plan?

Webmasters: You can create articles about TunePat products or review them and post them on your website, with affiliate links in your content.

Influencers: If you have a certain number of followers on some social media (especially in areas related to music, DJs, MP3 playing devices, etc.), you are more than welcome to participate in our affiliate program. You can post relevant posts/videos on your social media platforms.

Coupon & Deals Sites: Coupon codes with specific TunePat product descriptions can be posted for display on your coupon site.

More: Other types also meet the requirements, such as email marketing, etc.

Details on Commission Rates

As an affiliate of TunePat, I think your main concern must be the return you can get. We offer different percentages of returns to our members depending on the monthly sales. As the table below shows, you can earn up to 50% of the draw on each order. That's a pretty good rate for the whole industry! Come and get involved!

*Note: All coupon sites will get up to 30% commission per sale.

Monthly Sales Amount Commission Rate
$0 - $4999 40%
$5000 or Higher 50%