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[1] Launch TunePat Tidal Media Downloader on your computer and log in your account. Click Menu icon > "Register" option or the "Register" icon, you will get the registration window. Copy and paste the registration Email and Code into the registration pop up dialog.

[2] Fill the two blanks with your registration Email and license code that you have received from the email. Then click "Register" to register the program.

Register TunePat Tidal Media Downloader

Strictly speaking, you're not allowed to switch the license code from Windows to Mac computer or from Mac to Windows computer once you purchased the software, as each license code is exclusively for one platform.

If you have purchased a license for the wrong operating system within 5 days, please contact us to help you replace it, or you can purchase a license for the correct operating system from our official website and contact us to refund the wrong order.

If you have switched your computer from Windows to Mac or from Mac to Windows and want to reinstall the program on your new computer, you can contact our support team ([email protected]) via email to purchase a new license for the new computer to get a discount.

We can provide a free license for users who share their experience of using TunePat programs. If you are interested in this, please learn How to Write a Review and Get Free License.

Besides, to benefit TunePat users to enjoy localized software, we warmly welcome volunteers from all over the world to translate TunePat programs into their native languages. We'll offer a free license in return. If you are interested in joining this activity, please visit How to Translate TunePat Programs for more details.

1. Make sure you have registered with correct program, Windows and Mac version will not share a code.

2. The registration code is case sensitive. And, please do not add blank at the beginning or the end of the word. You can also copy and paste the Email and Code into the registration window.

2. One license for one computer only. If you use your code on more than one computer, it will show as invalid.

If you still get the error message, please contact our support team via [email protected] for further help.

The trial version allows you to download three files at a time and can only convert the first 1 minute of each song. You will get the message as below when you try to convert music with the trial version. To unlock the restriction, please purchase a license.

1. Please make sure your license is not expired yet. If it's still within the validity, please register it again.

2. One license for one computer only. If you use your code on more than one computer, it will show as trial version.

3. If you have updated computer system recently, then the regidtarion info may have been wipt. Please register with your license once again.

If you still get the error message, please contact our support team via [email protected] for further help.

Sorry, one license for one computer only. If you use the license code on other computers, it will show as "Invalid".

If you switched to a new computer, you can contact our support team([email protected]) to transfer your registration info to new computer.

Please contact our support team([email protected]) and provide your order info, such as email, receipt, order number and other information you can remember.

TunePat Tidal Media Downloader is able to convert music tracks, playlists, and albums to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC format.

Yes, TunePat Tidal Media Downloader can support preserving Master sound quality. But it is only supported in App conversion mode, so please choose the correct entry. In addition, the program supports downloading MQA songs but does not support outputting music in MQA format. If you want to get songs with Master sound quality, please set the output format to Auto in the App conversion mode.

Yes, TunePat Tidal Media Downloader allows you to add all songs of a playlist or album with one-click.

Sometimes due to our server error, you may receive the error message when trying to update the program within the app. In this case, please simply go to our download center to download and install the latest setup file of the program.

In the program's upper right corner, click the Menu button. From the drop-down menu that appears, choose the "Clear Cache" option. The pop-up window you see below will say Relaunch, please click on it, then wait for the software to restart. Following the restart, the issue you're having will be fixed.

Since macOS 10.15 and 11 Big Sur introduces new security mechanisms, software from the internet or directly from an unidentified developer will be suspected as malware and failed to install on Mac. To deal with it, please follow How to Open TunePat on macOS 10.15 and 11 Big Sur.

The most recent version of TunePat is no longer compatible with macOS 10.14 or earlier since we have incorporated new technologies to improve product development and user experience.

The following methods are available if you are unable to use the TunePat software for this reason:

1. Update your macOS system to 10.15 or above, then download the latest version of the TunePat Tidal Media Downloader to use. This is our most recommended solution.
2. You can email our customer service team for assistance in changing your license to a Windows PC.
3. Download earlier versions that work with macOS 10.11 to 10.14. We still need to point out, nevertheless, that the most recent version may contain errors that were fixed in the latest version. To obtain and install a previous version suitable for macOS 10.11–10.14, click here.

Initially, Tidal did offer Free accounts in the United States, but unfortunately, Tidal has officially announced the discontinuation of this account type as of April 20, 2024. For existing Free users who wish to continue playing songs, they will need to switch to a paid subscription in order to maintain access to the Tidal library; otherwise, access will be temporarily suspended. Therefore, if you attempt to convert songs using a Free account on the TunePat program, you will encounter Failed: 6105. To avoid such errors, you may consider upgrading to a paid plan.

Note: If the above solutions still cannot fix your problems, please provide the following information to our support team via [email protected]. We will reply to your message within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends. And we will submit your feedback to our developers and inform you if the solution is available.

  • 1. Which Windows OS / macOS are you using?
  • 2. Are you a Tidal Free, Tidal HiFi, or Tidal HiFi Plus user?
  • 3. Were you tried to download music from Tidal App or Tidal web player?
  • 4. What are the conversion mode and the output format you chose in the Settings module?
  • 5. Did the problem happen to a certain audio file or to all audio files?
  • 6. Please send us the log files. You can find them by going to the program, click the Menu button (on the upper right corner) > Open log file. You will see a logs folder, please send us all the files in this folder.

open log file

TunePat commits a 100% money-back guarantee within 5 days for TunePat Tidal Music Converter 1-month & 12-month plan, and 30 days for the lifetime plan. For more details, please visit Refund Policy.

We will process the refund request in sequence after receiving the refund request that meets our refund conditions. After we process the refund, your refund will generally arrive within 3-10 working days.

Yes, as long as your refund request complies with our Refund Policy, we will refund your purchase price in full.

All subscription plans (except for the lifetime plan) we provided are automatically renewed by default. If you want to cancel the renewal subscription, you can cancel it at any time before the renewal date. (Please rest assured that you will receive a notification before renewal.)

Method 1: You can view and manage your subscription order by yourself. Once you've successfully subscribed to TunePat, you'll receive an email titled "Thank you for subscribing to TP xxx". At the bottom of the email, you'll find a "View your subscription" button. Click on it to go to the order management interface, where you can cancel your order if necessary.

Method 2: If you encounter any difficulties managing your subscription, you can contact our customer service support team via email, and we'll assist you in the background. Our email address is [email protected].

After the cancellation, you will not be charged starting from the next subscription period.

Your subscription will automatically renew each month/year. You do not need to take any action to renew your subscription.

If you would like to change your subscription type, please email our customer service team for assistance.

We are using Stripe as our e-commerce service. Stripe supports a wide range of payment methods, including:

1. Credit and debit cards: Stripe accepts payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club.

2. Bank transfers: Stripe supports bank transfers in many countries, allowing customers to pay directly from their bank accounts. This is known as ACH payments in the US, Bacs Direct Debit in the UK, etc.

3. Digital wallets: Stripe also supports a variety of digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, WeChat Pay, and Alipay. Customers can use these wallets to make payments on mobile devices or through web browsers.

4. Local payment methods: Stripe also supports a variety of local payment methods in different countries. For example, in Brazil, Stripe supports payments through Boleto Bancário, a popular payment method that allows customers to pay using a bolero, or payment slip. In Japan, Stripe supports payments through Konbini, which allows customers to pay at convenience stores.

In this case, you can contact our support team to switch your license to the right product by providing your order info. Or you can directly go ahead to purchase the correct product and then contact us to refund the wrong order for you.

Our pricing policy is based on transparency and fairness. The price you see listed on the product page is the final price you will pay for the item. However, please note that in some cases, taxes may apply due to varying regulations across different countries. Therefore, any additional charges on top of the listed price will be solely attributed to taxes, which we have no control over.

In order to meet people's needs and provide a better service, TunePat offers 3 subscription plans. Below are something should be informed:

1. There are 3 types of subscription plans for your choice (1 month/ 1 year/ Lifetime). Your plan will determine how long you can use the program to convert music from Tidal Music.

2. If you purchase a 1-month or 1-year subscription, to ensure the service, the two license types will auto-renew after 1 month or 1 year. If you don't need it anymore, you can cancel the next subscription at any time.

3. Each license can be used on one PC only.

4. TunePat commits a 100% money-back guarantee within 5 days for TunePat Tidal Music Converter 1-month & 12-month plan, and 30 days for the lifetime plan. For more details, please visit Refund Policy.

If you have other questions about the subscription, please read TunePat Subscription FAQ.

Once your order has been successfully processed, you can expect to receive a confirmation email from the payment platform. Shortly after, you will receive another email that contains the registration code information.

If you do not receive this email promptly, please check your spam folder, as it may have been rejected by your email system. Alternatively, it is possible that you entered the wrong email address during your TunePat purchase, which could prevent you from receiving the email. If so, please contact our support team directly for assistance.