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You can easily find that whether you are a Pandora Free, a Pandora Plus, or a Pandora Premium user, you will be frustrated to move the Pandora songs into the places you want. That’s because these music tracks are under special protection. Here we will introduce you to how to use TunePat Pandora Music Converter to convert Pandora songs into a common file and then keep the original quality and the ID3 tags. If needed, you can also choose to download an entire playlist in batches. Let's read the details.

How to Register TunePat Pandora Music Converter on A Windows Computer

TunePat Pandora Music Converter for Windows is 100% clean and secure software that you can download a specific song, album, or playlist directly from a built-in Pandora Music web player onto your computer. To unlock the limitation of the free trial version, you can choose to subscribe to our program or buy a lifetime license.

Step 1 Launch TunePat Pandora Music Converter on Windows PC. A pop-up will appear automatically and all you need to do is to complete the registration process. If the program doesn't launch the registration window, please click on the register icon or register icon > Register to complete the registration process.

Step 2 Then copy and paste the registration Email and the license key into the registration pop-up. Choose the Register button.

Register TunePat Pandora Music Converter

Note: Please note that the registration information is case-sensitive and must be entered using the proper upper- and lower-case letters. Adding whitespace at the word's start or end must be avoided.

How to Convert Pandora Music into MP3 via TunePat

Step 1 After a successful installation, you can now launch TunePat Pandora Music Converter. It will automatically pop up the Pandora Music Web Player generally. If not, please click the webplayer icon icon to open it. Later, you get access to the Pandora Music library. Since it’s your first time using TunePat Pandora Music Converter, please sign in to your Pandora account as per the on-screen tip. When you finish converting the music, you can log out at any time.

visit Pandora Music web player
sign in to Pandora account

Step 2 Following is an important step. You should set up the output parameters before opening what you want to convert. Click on the Setting button ("Settings") icon in the lower left corner. As you can see, the formats you can choose to output include AUTO, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. And you also need to change the conversion mode, bit rate, sample rate, save path, output file name, proxy, and more as you like.

The highest output quality of the output music files depends on the actual quality of the original files. If you want a faster conversion speed, you can select "AUTO" as the output format, and then the selected items will be saved in a format that is the same as the original format. Or if you want to get audio files to transfer and share, then it is more recommended that you choose "MP3".

Once you have adjusted the settings to your liking, simply close the window to apply the changes automatically.

Customize output settings of Pandora songs

Step 3 Open a Pandora song, album, playlist, or artist you wish to get in MP3 format, then click on the "Click to add" Add icon button. TunePat Pandora Music Converter will automatically recognize all the songs on the page you choose, and you can click to uncheck the music files you don't want to convert on the window. Select the songs that you'd like to convert by clicking "Add".

select pandora songs to convert

Step 4 If you need to perform a batch conversion, you can keep clicking "Add" or go back to the Pandora Music Web Player and continue selecting Pandora songs. All songs that waiting to be converted can be browsed in the "Home" interface. Please click "Convert" to start converting. If needed, you can choose the "Delete All" button to empty this list.

convert multiple pandora playlists

Step 5 Now, you have to be patient and wait for the conversion to complete. After that, you can enter the "Converted" module to view or play Pandora songs. You can also click the "Show in Windows Explorer" button to pop up the local folder where the file is stored, and then you can move these audio files to any program for use on the device.

converting pandora music to mp3
download pandora to pc

Note: TunePat Pandora Music Converter provides a wide range of beneficial features in addition to attending to the various needs of users. A specific option called "Tools" has been made in order to achieve this goal. It contains three sections——"Format Converter", "Burn CD", and "Tag Edit"


The main purpose of the "Format Converter" is to convert Pandora songs to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC. Users can choose between "Mono" and "Stereo" audio to suit their individual needs. Select "Stereo" if you want two audio channels that display the picture of a "left" and "right" sound.

format converter

For users who want to copy converted songs to CDs for storage, "Burn CD" offers an easy alternative. The music you recently converted can be added to the list by using the "+ Add" button. If you'd like, you can give the disc any name you want. Clicking the "Burn" button will start the burning process when you insert a blank disc into your CD or DVD burner.

burn cd

Last but not least, "Tag Edit" is for users to change the tag information of Pandora songs, which includes Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Year, and Track Number. After your modifications, just click the "Save" button to complete the editing process. Stay tuned to TunePat! There will be more functions to satisfy users' needs very soon.

edit tags