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Tidal Media Downloader

  • Download Tidal Music songs, albums, and playlists locally.
  • Convert Tidal songs to plain MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC format.
  • Preserve Hi-Fi audio quality & ID3 tags.
  • 10X faster speed to convert songs or playlists in bulk.
  • Tidal Free & HiFi & HiFi Plus accounts are feasible to download songs.
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    Awesome Features

    10x speed
    Faster Conversion Speed
    various formats
    Multiple Output Formats
    keep id3 tags
    Preserve ID3 Tags
    hifi quality
    Lossless Audio Quality
    offline playback
    Eternal Offline Playback
    download tidal music to mac
    Offline playback forever

    Download Tidal Music to Your Local Drive

    Tidal is one of the most popular streaming music platforms today. It is famous for its high fidelity sound quality music. But as you know, Tidal music is only supported for offline playback on mobile. No matter which account type you are, you can't play Tidal songs offline on your computer, and it's even more impossible to edit or transfer Tidal music outside of the Tidal app.

    TunePat Tidal Media Downloader, a well-crafted software, may alleviate all of your concerns. This program will enable you to download Tidal songs and podcasts in the standard format to a local folder. After then, you can enjoy them in your own time.

    Multiple options of output formats

    Convert Tidal songs into Various Formats

    TunePat Tidal Media Downloader is a powerful audio converter that can convert songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC formats for higher compatibility and easier playback. Besides, you can choose the output quality in Settings.

    • Download Tidal songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC.
    • Adjust audio parameters such as Bitrate and Sample Rate.
    • Archive downloaded Tidal songs by playlist, artist, album, etc.
    • Rename song title with Track Number, Title, Artist, Album, Playlist Index, etc.
    support various formats
    10x download speed
    Faster conversion to save your time

    Convert Tidal Music Playlists at 10X Faster Speed

    You know there is an averaging 3 minutes duration for a single track, but remember, it doesn't cost you that long with TunePat. TunePat Tidal Media Downloader works at a maximum of 10X faster-downloading speed than the original duration of a song.

    You can have an MP3 file downloaded to your local drive swiftly if your network connection is strong enough. In addition, no desktop application is required for this process, you just need to have any type of Tidal Music account, including a Free one, and the program will be available for you to use.

    Preserve original quality and meta data

    Support Download Tidal HiFi Music & Keep ID3 Tags

    The most popular part of Tidal Music is the Hi-Fi audio quality, which has been promoted for quite a while. With the TunePat Tidal Media Downloader, you can download Tidal music with the same sound quality as you normally listen to on your web player.

    Not only that, but TunePat Tidal Media Downloader also identifies and saves crucial ID3 tags for music, such as Title, Album, Artist, and Track Number, among others. This saves you from the hassle of manually managing your huge local music library!

    save metadata
    tidal offline player
    Playable on any portable device

    Download Tidal Music for Offline Listening Anywhere and Anytime

    All songs in Tidal Music can only be played within the Tidal app and on designated devices. Audio files downloaded after TunePat are a different story. These files are transferable as well as editable. They can be played on any MP3 player, smart TV, smart watch, car, DJ software, etc.

    If you're used to burning CDs of your favorite songs, then you can get started now! Not only can you burn CDs with the downloaded converted songs, but you can do other operations with the songs without any problem at all.

    Trusted by Users Around The World.

    Fortunately, you have this program for Mac! I had been looking for a music downloader to download my playlists for offline streaming on my iPod and this one definitely made it comes true!


    Josh Fry
    I like TunePat Tidal Media Downloader, it is such a powerful tool to download Hi-Fi quality music. I can use them with many programs I have, like DJ, iTunes.


    Jennifer Cook
    It's the best method to protect my collected Tidal playlists from accidental loss. I moved the Tidal songs to a USB flash drive as soon as I installed this Tidal Media Downloader. Great Job!


    Goretti Dan
    Frequently Asked Question

    Need Any Help?

    Yes. TunePat Tidal Media Downloader provides a free trial version. You can download it directly from our Download Center. The trial version has usage restrictions, if you want to get the full version, please buy a license.

    TunePat Tidal Media Downloader is 100% green and safe software carefully developed by a regular and professional team. You can use it with confidence.

    TunePat Tidal Media Downloader currently supports a variety of common audio formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC. More formats will be developed in the future.

    The time it takes to convert Tidal Music tracks depends on a variety of factors, including the length of the track, the quality of the original file, and the processing power of your computer. TunePat Tidal Media Downloader adopts advanced decoding technology, the conversion speed is ahead of other converters, which can help you save a lot of time.

    Yes, once you have converted a Tidal song to a compatible audio format, you can transfer it to other music players or devices for playback, such as iTunes, Apple Watch, etc.

    TunePat commits to a 100% money-back guarantee within 5 days for TunePat Tidal Music Converter 1-month & 12-month plans and 30 days for the lifetime plan. Detailed Refund Policy covers things like the acceptable reasons for refund requests, and the refund process itself.

    1. Make sure you have registered with the correct program, Windows and Mac version will not share a code.
    2. The registration code is case-sensitive. And please do not add a blank at the beginning or the end of the word. You can also copy and paste the Email and Code into the registration window.
    3. One license for one computer only. If you use your code on more than one computer, it will show as invalid.
    If you still get the error message, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team via [email protected] for further help.

    Yes, TunePat 1-month and 12-month licenses are automatically renewed by default. If you want to cancel auto-renewal or learn more details, please read this Subscription FAQs.

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