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Frequently Asked Questions for TunePat Programs

Online Help

Guide for Amazon Music converter and find answers to solve technical issues.

Online Help

Guide for Spotify converter and find answers to solve technical issues.


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Find video tutorial on how to use TunePat Amazon Music Converter.

Video Tutorials

Find video tutorials on how to use TunePat Spotify Converter.

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Q1: What's the limitation of TunePat trial version?

The trial version of TunePat Amazon Music Converter & Spotify Converter have the same features as the paid versions, but they only enable you to convert the first 3 minutes of each track and convert 3 music files at a time. If you want to convert the whole song, you will need to get the software registered to unlock the time limitation.

Q2: How to Register and Use TunePat Programs?

TunePat Amazon Music and Spotify Converter can operate with no need to install the Amazon Music or Spotify app. You just need to launch TunePat and log in your Amazon Music or Spotify account, then add the track or playlist you want to download and TunePat will download songs at 10x speed.

Q3: How can we convert a Spotify playlist with more than 100 songs in a single go?

Spotify Web Player enables us to view the first 100 songs of a playlist only when it’s launched. To convert a Spotify playlist with more than 100 songs in a single go, please open the playlist that you'd like to do the conversion in TunePat and scroll down to load your full playlist before clicking the “Add” button to select & upload your Spotify songs to TunePat.

Q4: How can we get a free license by translating TunePat program?

To benefit TunePat users to enjoy localized softwares, we warmly welcome volunteers from all over the world to translate TunePat programs to their native languages and we'll offer a free license as return. If you are interested in joining this activity, please visit How to Translate TunePat Programs for more details.

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