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Spotify Compatible Player: Play Spotify Music on MP3 Player

The majority of people still believe that Spotify is the finest platform for streaming music services because of its large music library, collaborative playlists, album access, and podcasts. It offers practically every artist and song you can imagine, and it is simple to use. On your smartphone, you can listen to high-quality offline music if you have a Spotify premium subscription. When you're somewhere without WiFi or a mobile network or where the internet is unreliable, you'll be shocked at what a terrific function this is.

However, Spotify is not so perfect as it only allows people to stream Spotify music from within its app and not play Spotify music on any device as needed. Many people have wondered how they can play Spotify music on their MP3 players, which are much lighter and smaller than mobile phone streaming. Especially if you need to go hiking or exercise at the gym, it is the better choice. However, the number of MP3 players that can support Spotify music playback is very limited and the variety is small. In this article, we'll introduce you to a few of these Spotify-enabled MP3 players, but also to a foolproof way to play Spotify on any brand or model of MP3 player. Please read on.

download and play spotify music on mp3 player

Part 1: What are the MP3 Players that are Compatible with Spotify?

Spotify's popularity is clear for all to see. We have to admit it's one of the highest capturing market share streaming music platforms in existence. And with the growing demand to buy portable MP3 players for listening on the go, some businesses have caught wind of this and have partnered with Spotify to launch MP3 players that can support Spotify's music. Here's a brief overview.

#1: iPod Touch

What is an iPod Touch? In the past, one might not have been able to clearly distinguish an iPod Touch from an iPhone by its appearance alone. and that's true. iPod Touch just lacks some of the features of the iPhone. That's why it's called the "iPhone without the phone". While the early models of the iPod Touch all had roughly the same hardware features, the features supported from the sixth generation onwards are modern and powerful. And it was from this generation that the iPod Touch began to support the use of streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and more.

On 28 May 2019, Apple launched the seventh generation of the iPod touch on its official website. this is the latest and last generation of the iPod Touch. as Apple officially announced the end of the iPod era in May this year (2022). The series has been discontinued. If you want to get one, you can get it officially or from a retailer until stocks are cleared. If you already have one on hand, then you can start enjoying your music right away.

Note: If you wish to play Spotify Music on iPod Classic, iPod Nano, or iPod Shuffle, you can read Play Spotify Music on iPod (Classic/Nano/Shuffle/Touch)

ipod touch 7

#2: Mighty Vibe

Another Spotify-compatible MP3 player is called the Mighty. this is a digital audio player for Spotify and Amazon Music that works without a phone. One of its more prominent advantages is that it is light-weight, small, and water & drop resistant, so it won't weigh you down when you're exercising or out and about.

You may listen to your Spotify songs without a phone or an internet connection with Mighty. All Bluetooth headphones, cable headphones, speakers, and in-car entertainment systems are compatible with Mighty. Without a computer or USB wire, the Mighty mobile app can wirelessly sync the playlists. There is one restriction, though: the player does not handle other MP3 audio files; it only supports Spotify Premium, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Unlimited.

Note: If you are interested in how to download Amazon Music, you can refer to How to Convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3

Mighty Vibe

#3: Sony Walkman

Sony has been making and selling portable audio players under the Walkman brand since 1979. Nowadays, the Walkman name is used to support the majority of Sony's portable audio players. This portable high-definition music player is a wonderful option if you are a die-hard music fan and have high standards for high-fidelity sound quality.

You should be aware that the Spotify app is currently only supported with the Sony Walkman NWZ-A and NWZ-ZX series models. The NW-ZX507 of these provides even more options for listening to music. On your Walkman, listen to your favorite music from services like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Tidal, Apple Music, and more. You can even connect to your PC to access your music library. Of course, you must make sure you have the necessary funds available; the Sony Walkman costs anything from $200 to $3000.

Sony Walkman

If you already have an MP3 player that is not one of the above, and you have no plans to purchase a new one, we recommend using the following method to download and play Spotify music. The MP3 files obtained by the method below can be saved permanently.

Part 2: How to Download Spotify in MP3 & Import Them to MP3 Players?

If your MP3 player does not support the Spotify app, then you will not be able to enjoy Spotify music directly on your MP3 player, even if you are a paying subscriber, as the Spotify app is not available on these devices. The songs you download are limited to offline playback within the Spotify app. When you try to move them around, you will find that this is not possible.

In this case, you need a powerful third-party tool to help you with Spotify downloads and conversions. This one-and-done approach works for both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium listeners. TunePat Spotify Converter can convert and download any Spotify song, albums, playlists, and podcasts to popular formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC AIFF, WAV, or ALAC with ID3 tags and original audio quality retention. To learn more about how to extract MP3 files from Spotify music and transfer them to an MP3 player, please continue reading the following steps.

Key Features of TunePat Spotify Converter

tunepat spotify converter

TunePat Spotify Converter

  • okDownload Spotify Music tracks, playlists, albums, and podcasts.
  • okConvert Spotify songs to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC format.
  • okEasily download songs from Spotify to the local computer.
  • okKeep ID3 tags and preserve lossless audio quality.
  • oksupport up to 10X faster conversion speed.

Step 1Run TunePat & Log into your Spotify Account

On your computer, start TunePat Spotify Converter. Next, click the "Open Spotify Web Player" button located in the screen's center. Fill up the required fields using your Spotify account information by following the on-screen instructions. You will have access to Spotify material after successfully logging in.

sign into spotify account in TunePat

Step 2Select Output Format

Please pick MP3 as the output format by clicking the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner of the screen before selecting the Spotify tracks you want to convert. Additionally, you can select the output audio quality, alter the output directory, and organize the output files in different ways as required.

change mp3 as the output format

Step 3Add Spotify Music to TunePat to Convert

Open the desired song, album, or song list after the settings are complete. In the lower right corner, select the "Add to list" button. The music in the playlist will then be automatically shown in a pop-up window by TunePat. By default, all songs are checked. You can uncheck any tracks you don't wish to download if necessary.

choose spotify songs to convert

Step 4Converting Spotify Music to MP3 Format

To begin the conversion, click "Convert Now". Be patient as you wait for the conversion to finish. The download history can then be viewed in the History module, or you can browse straight to the local folder.

convert spotify songs to mp3

Step 5Transfer Spotify Music to MP3 Player

Copy the converted files to your MP3 player after connecting it through a USB cable to your laptop or PC. Disconnect your USB cable after the transfer is finished so you can listen to Spotify songs on any MP3 player offline, wherever you are.

move spotify songs to mp3 player


If you don't like any of the above-mentioned MP3 players that support Spotify music or if you are short of budget, we suggest you download the free version of TunePat Spotify Converter and try it out. Using this tool will help you to quickly get Spotify music in MP3 format in high quality. Then you can transfer it to your MP3 player and anywhere else you want, such as USB, external hard drive, SD card, etc.

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